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THIS DESIGN IS PART OF OUR GOLD COMB™ COLLECTION A highly curated assortment of eclectic veils showcasing innovative artistry and our finest craftsmanship. This collection incorporates mixed-media wearable art with truly inspired design to elevate your wedding day style. 

The inspiration behind this design (cheezy as it may be!) is the radiance of a bride in love- that goddess "wedding glow" that emanates like a sun, rendering everything it touches more beautiful by proximity. Given that, we just had to name this veil Leo! Ruled by the sun, the dazzling celestial body that grants light and life, the zodiac house of Leo is known for loyal, dedicated friends and lovers who invest their whole heart into their relationships- what amazing energy for a bride to carry on their wedding day! And speaking of energy, believe it or not, we are making these ruffles! Hours upon hours of trial, error, and busted needles went into perfecting Leo's ruffles. There is an abundance of love, dedication, and patience sewn into every rise and fall. 

  • CLASSIC shape.
  • Pro Tip: when adding a blusher, we will always make it in the matching Naked™ shape as the veil unless you have a special request!
  • This veil is about 128" across at the widest point.
  • Designed with a 10" wide, double-layer tulle ruffle starting around the fingertips (about 40" down from the comb). The ruffle is made from the same tulle as the veil body. There is a cut edge where there is no ruffle.
  • Gold Comb™ Collection Designs come with a complimentary upgrade to a real gold-plated comb. A standard silver comb is also available. Both combs are metal, 4" wide, tarnish-resistant, and hypoallergenic.
  • Click here for details and descriptions of the materials we use to make our products.
  • Handmade in Colorado and fully customizable through an authorized Sara Gabriel retailer.