*these events are for the trade only

We Are a Bridal Company MADE for Bridal Retailers Like You!

Here at SG, we take handcrafting seriously! But it's not just about the artisan work (although cutting every piece of lace, setting every crystal, & pulling every stitch by hand is our passion). It's more about all the "stuff" that comes with being a woman-owned, Colorado proud, handmade in the USA, small business.


For us, that “stuff” means things like processing each order one at a time to ensure every detail is accurate. It means designing with supply chain integrity so that our collection is sellable, maintainable, and investment-worthy. It means livable wages and paid parental leave for every member of our team. It means a handwritten tag on every piece to make receiving shipments easier & to show your customer their piece was handmade just for them. 


That's some of the small stuff that is the BIGGEST stuff to Team SG.

Our goal is to create meaningful partnerships with retailers who agree that the “small stuff” is the important stuff.

We’re in this together. When you win: we win.